Wills Registry – Making sure your will can be found

What is a Wills Registry?

In Singapore, there is no central storage area for wills, however the Public Trustee maintains a confidential Wills Registry which serves as a central information centre for all wills that are duly registered with it.

Why do we need the Wills Registry?

It is not compulsory for anyone to register information about his/her will. However, when the time comes, it is crucial that the loved ones left behind are able to locate your will in order to enforce your will.

For example, the next-of-kin or beneficiaries may believe that the deceased has drawn up a will but are unable to confirm that as they do not have a copy of the will in their possession.

Information kept by the Wills Registry

The following information is kept by the Wills Registry:-

  1. Details of the person making the will i.e. testator;
  2. Date of the will;
  3. Details of the person who drew up the will; and
  4. Details of where the will is held.

Please note that the Wills Registry does not keep a copy of the will itself and therefore the safe keeping of the physical will is very important.

How do I deposit my will information with the Wills Registry? 

The online deposit form can be found at https://www.mlaw.gov.sg/eservices/pto/welcome.xhtml under “Deposit of New Will Record”.

Who is entitled to apply to make a search for the information held by the Wills Registry?

All information deposited  in the Wills Registry is strictly confidential. Only the following people may make a search for information related to a will:-

  • The person who made the will (proof of identity must be provided).
  • The solicitor who is helping someone draw up any further will.
  • The solicitor acting for the estate of someone who has died (if they produce the death certificate).
  • The next-of-kin of someone who has died (if they produce the death certificate and documents showing their relationship to the person who has died).


Fees  (inclusive of GST) are shown below.

Payment for the deposit of will information must be made online via debit card, credit card or direct debit.

How do I carry out a search on will information with the Wills Registry?

You will need to access the online search form at https://www.mlaw.gov.sg/eservices/pto/welcome.xhtml  and click on the link “Search for Existing Will Record”.

How long will the registered will information be kept in the Wills Registry?

The will information will be kept in the system for 120 years from the date of birth of the person making the will.

If you have any question related to Wills, Trusts and Property Planning in Singapore, feel free to drop an email to wills_enquiries@incisivelaw.com.